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AntrixINS is a Next Generation web-based software solution for Insurance Domain. The solution involves
complex transactions from many dierent parts of the enterprise. Our application will help the Organization to
streamline the back oce operations.


The web based System will automatically assign the task for respective person in specic department and time to
time auto status updates. We can oer a complete web based automation for every department which is monitored as per the internal organization structure. System will lead to the organization being fully transparent and secured at all level of operation.

Automation leads to Cost reduction and faster nalization of any request from Brokers / clients.

Our objective will be more satised customers, customer retention and attracting new customers.

AntrixINS perfectly t in to all the departments across the organization such as Medical, Life, Assets, Auto, Marine, Risk, Property, Travel and general Insurance.

Highly exible and secured application.


Well dened CRM
Centralized Enquiry Management
Centralized Complainant Registration
Document section Inbuilt
Work ow can be dened as per the department requirement.
Centralized Quotation as per the department requirement.
All Inquires / request / complaints are registered
Time to time auto updates for the inquiry / request /Complaints etc. Client side direct documents upload
Email broadcasting
Email Integration
Email templates
Task Management
Auto Task assigning
TAT settings
Full control over each and every function within the organisation.
More productive and fact nding reports

Eg. Request for quotation - A task will be assigning automatically for the predened user-preparation of
quotation through the application - If Approval needed quotation will move to next level for the approval - once approval ow is completed. Quotation will be saved in Document section in PDF format by auto indexing and user can send the Quotation from the Application. Throughout this transaction ow the status is to be updated automatically, so any point users can see the status of the request.


Powerful Java Based application
Rock solid Linux back end
MySQL Database
Apache web server.
User friendly web Interface.
Integration with existing Back oce software application


No user License
No need for Server License.
No hidden Charges
Drastic reduction in your cost for automation.
Multi user and Multi location
Flexibility to implement department wise.

This flow can define any department as per the
Organizational Structure.

Work-ow management
User friendly customer Log in.
Streamlined information ow across business units and processes.
Reduced operational costs related to a high degree of process automation.
Customizable role-based access to information and applications.
Faster claims processing
Improved customer satisfaction due to self-service and time-saving applications.
Increased sales eciency.
Higher employee productivity.
A clearer picture of the most demanded services and products.
Reaching Out to a larger customer pool with a possibility of moving into new market segments.
Increased data accuracy.
Enhanced collaboration between users and insurance agents.
Eective task management and with reminders.
Excellent Reports with graphical illustration
Integration with Back oce Application ERP etc.
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