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Electronic Document Management Software provides a foundation for the computerized management of electronic as well as paper-based documents.Management activities around documents may include the capture,collaboration,creation, editing, control and distribution of scanned and electronic documents. Document management systems are becoming more important as it becomes increasingly obvious that the paperless oce is an ideal that may never be achieved. Instead, the goal is to create a system that can handle paper and electronic documents together.


A well designed workow, for a total paperless oce. Day to day approvals related to activities can be routed
through the dashboard. Workow screen divided in to four sections; user can use the upload section to call any
document to Inbox. Once the document reached Inbox, user can send the document for approvals by selecting
appropriate hierarchy to approve the le from the combo box.


Email Archiving module specially designed for email depository where the corporate can archive the old emails
and retrieves as on when they required.


Scan module is designed for scanning the documents and is moved to the respective areas; this can be used as an optional tool. within the organisation. The users to keep frequently used forms, i.e. leave application form / purchase orders and so on. Users can download to the local computer and enter the relevant information upload to dashboard Inbox and send for approvals.


Search engine is the most powerful and useful tool in AntrixeDMS, users have full exibility to get the right
information with minimum time and eort. Information will be listed as per the permission. From the huge
database is most important task is extracting the required data is not an easy task, AntrixeDMS search module oer the users most interactive, powerful and user friendly screen for search. OCR (Objective Character Recognition)


Highly professional and user friendly task / event management option, users can assign any work to the
colleagues by using this powerful tool. Set reminder for any activity


E-Forms, Web Access, Workow, Email and Fax integration, Full Text Search, User Security, Task and Event, Task management, Version Control, Document Scanning, Records Policies, IM, OCR and Indexing


AntrixeDMS is provides a tool to Easy to admin user friendly and powerful. While creating admin can dene
the access privileges this is classied in to read, print, download, share, email, fax etc, Reports in graphical


Document section is the Crucial area where a user can see all the department (as per his rights) and folders will be listed in tree structure, user can have the following function with a click of a button, view / print / Download / Email / Fax / sign out / share, and version control etc.


Uploading and Indexing is the key function for any document management solution. Success of EDMS depends up on how the upload & Index is designed. Here we move the documents to the respective folders under the respective departments with proper Indexing.


Business process management Module automize frequently using process within the organisation, same
will leads to allows more transparency and accountability presentation. No user License, browser based, emails integration, Fax integration.
Highly flexible and secured application.


Reports cover all actives within the application, precise and detailed reports are available as per the user levels.


Powerful Java Based application
Plat form Independent Linux / windows back end
MySQL Database
Apache web server.
User friendly web Interface.
Integration with existing Back oce software application


No user License
Only Server License required.
No hidden Charges
Drastic reduction in your cost for automation
Multi user and Multi location
Flexibility to implement department wise
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